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Truth has and always will prevail over the forces of the evil.
Truth is in the hearts of the guided ones. It is in the essence and in the deepest part of the human psyche which can turn the soule in to the highest level of being, higher than some angels. But if the self is infiltrated by the devil, and driven by malicious and wicked desires, then the soule is turned in to the lowest of the low. Truth is a state of purity of the mind, heart, spirit and faith in the gainful reality of oneself and others. Truth must be defended to the death as life is dependent upon it; thus truth in reality is freedom; withouth this the phenomenan of truth and freedom, there shall be no life as it was not intended for us to be slaves. We can learn the lesson of Haq vs. Batel, Truth vs. Wrong from the Master of the Martyers Sayed e Shuhada
Imam Hussien
This lesson has been ausomely elucidated to us by the Imam (a.s.) in the fields of Karbala at the time of tyrany, oppression, injustice, eniquity and greed. The Grandson of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) of Islam taught us the lesson of freedom and liberty and how one should deal with the tyrants; he taught us to never, ever surrender to oppression and
injustice and to always defend the truth.
To be human is to be free; to choose ones own fate and kismet; otherwise, death would be the most honorable choice as was the case for the Imam Hussien (a.s.)
God has created us with free will. No one shall rob this free will from another human being, no one.
Only the culprit and the outlaw have failed to grasp this concept.