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"… Do you know last year you fired us from every house? You killed 10,000 Talibs, those who Memorised Quranic Verses in their chests. Pashtoons, Tajiks, Uzbeks, and Turkmans are brothers. Turkmans are good people. They have never fired on us. Hazara should study their past hundred years history. What you become? If you won't be honest, all of you will be killed. Where do you escape? If you go to Bamyan, it is in our control. Every where in Afghanistan you go, will be our territory. I am clearly saying that if you won't hand over and not show your honesty, either you will be killed or thrown out of the country or you (like Hindus) should pay us. If even one fire come from your side, we will put on fire the entire area [1].

If you want to live along with other Afghan ethnic groups, you should never think of sharing and participating in the future government structure. Hazaras! Where would you escape? If you jumped in to the air we will grasp your legs, if you enter the earth we will grasp your ears. Hazaras are not Muslim. You can kill them. It is not a sin. Oh Hazaras! Become Muslims and pray God like us. We won't let you to go away. Every border is in our control. 10,000 Talibs came last year as guest but you kill them. we will kill you the same way you killed them. They must remain unburied on streets for three days. We will kill you and nobody is allowed to bury
the dead bodies till three days…"