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Hazara Society


iAfE ua la iAl
eAkC ea B{ Ooe kA
Hazara khaiz u khaish bedar kun
Az dast e zalem khudi azad kun.

Hazara arise and awken
Free Yourself from the hands of the tyrants.

There can be no Freedom without Sacrifice.
No Sacrifice without Action
No Action without Faith
No Faith without Knowledge.

"Give me blood and I will give you Freedom."
Every Hazara in every corner of the world needs to revolt and uprise against tyrany.

This site is intented to promote awareness and urgency of the struggle against tyrany and oppression as a whole and to specifically advocate the combat of the Nation of Hazara against injustice, oppression and despotism in Afghanistan carried out by the Taliban and to keep alive our ever spirited quest of freedom in the hope of creating a GREAT NATION OF HAZARA.



Copy Right Millat-e-Hazara 1999.