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The |Hazara |Identity

Hazaras have a unique place and dwilling in the history of cultures and ethnicities for they are the only Nation that hold oriental and other mix backgrounds as will as communion with the religion of Islam. It is unlikely to find another such nationality with the same charactaristics. Hazaras are identified by their specific oriental like facial features such as pointed cheek bones, asian like eyes, nose and many more asian physical atributes. But more significantly, they are identified as the freedom fighters and seekers of justice against tyranical regimes that have oppressed them over the years. They are the most oppressed and most mistreated ethnic minority in Afghanistan, and unfortunatley this vicious saga of brutality and barbarism continues to this very day of the twenieth century.
Hazaras have always had to stay on their toes to defend themselves against their age old enemies, the Pashtoons. One can only know them (pashtoons) by living with them. They can never be trusted for it is in their blood to hate and kill Hazaras. This might sound extreme, but it is an undeniable fact. This is a matter of course and truth, the mention of which has nothing to do with the obvious conclusions. Hazaras are peace loving people who happened to have fallen in the hands of the wrong, foolish majority. Hazaras are freedom lovers. What if it was the other way around? Would the Hazaras carry out such atrocities against others; the answer lies in their ratianality and system of justice. The essence of Hazara identity is in their struggle against tyrany and oppression for to die free is preferred over the life of slavery. Their spirited and zealous mannor of combating the tyrants through out their history is a testament of True Hazara Identity and Spirit. Hazaras are the symbol of liberty for they have a love and strong conviction to freedom and justice. Being a Hazara is to have aliegence to the Truth.