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Genocide in Afghanistan

The Massacre of Innocent, indefensable people of Hazara by the coward, rascal and hypocritical Pak puppets is one of the greatest tragedies in the 20th century. We will always remember this one of many atrocities carried out by these Maloons. We will mourn our martyers and keep their spirits alive. So this tragic episode never happens to us or to anyone else again. When the leadership and source of knowledge are evil and iniquitous then good deed is out of question from their followers. Such is the case for these Munafeqeen.

Through out history, we have seen many examples of societies which have had dictators, oppressors, tyrants, shahs, rajas etc...and they have all been oblirated and demolished by the uprisings of the oppressed ones. Even In the present time, we witness such characters and systems of governments that terrorise and oppress the few, the weak and the defenseless. Well today is no different than yesterday. Today is the chapter of history in tomorrows books, and the so called autocrats and monarchs and self made ameer ul momineens will be in the chapters of tomorrows books: the chapter of shame, ignominy and degradation. These are the chapters which will testify against them in the day of reckoning. These are the chapters that will convey the truth of what they were hiding. These are chapters that will defend us in the days to come...

May the winds of freedom blow to close the books of oppression and open the chapters of justice.

1st day of Massacre in Mazar

2nd day of Massacre in Mazar