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Let us awaken O' beloved people of Hazara
Let us not tolerate oppression and injustice anylonger
Let us revolt and uprise against evil from the east, from the west and
from all the corners of the world
Let the voices be heard against the tyrants and the culprits
Let no one terrorise, tyranize and oppress you anylonger
Let us create a Nation
a nation of respect and integrity
Let us pave the way to freedom and justice. Let us be the masters of our distiney.
Awaken, O' beloved Hazara
Be Strong and mighty
Let us no longer pity. The enemy is strong but we can be stronger in Knowledge, that is.
and the only way to Power is to
Educate ourselves,
Learn, and be Disciplined with your life
Become leaders, leaders of other people
We have followed enough
we have been harrassed enough
we have been captive enough
awaken, be Free...May God give us strength and will.